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The Source

Regenerative Estate & Wellbeing Retreat

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Welcome to 42 Acres

Explore our immersive nature getaway with stays & experiences that bring you back to nature.

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stay at 42 acres

Spend the night closer to nature

Spend the night at our stunning, secluded space in rural Somerset, experiencing deep and peaceful sleep surrounded by nature's orchestra. Our accommodation leads the way in sustainability without compromising on comfort or style.

Very comfortable, modern, relaxing and quiet place for a restful weekend. There are lot of nice walks around with opportunities to watch animals, pick flowers, or get fresh vegetables from the garden.



May 2021

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Nourish the soil, nourish your self

Our vegetable gardens and regenerative farm use biodynamic and permaculture principles. We forage wild foods and combine them with locally sourced ingredients to create unbelievably delicious and nutrient dense food.

Meet Arek

Arek is the head, heart and hands leading our no-dig vegetable gardens. He grows 10 varieties of heirloom tomatoes.

Portrait of Arek
group in the forest dining area
Events & Retreats

Broaden horizons, deepen connections

We host a wide range of experiences. From massage treatments to foraging workshops, and weekend nature emersions through to week long transformational retreats.

Lovely location, a great opportunity to get back to nature with beautiful scenery. The fire-pit and treehouse were a big hit.



June, 2021

Stay at 42 Acres


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