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Wild Weekends at 42 Acres

Get out of your head and back into nature

This land has been allowed to rest, restore, renourish, and rewild. Here's an invitation for you to do the same.

Wild Weekends are a series of life-affirming retreats birthed from this land and our team. Each invites disconnection from technology and everyday pressures, and reconnection with something much more profound.

Choose from Rewild, Renourish, and Restore. Each offers beautiful, wild surroundings; quietly luxurious ensuite accommodation; deeply nourishing meals; and lovingly-held experiences designed to support you to consciously slow down and rediscover your place in the interconnectedness of all things.

These weekends are our vision made real. They will stay with you long after you leave this land.


• Starts Fri at 2pm. Closes Sun at 2pm
• Beautiful, ensuite accommodation
• Nourishing 'Soil-to-Gut' meals
• 'Food, Fire & Forest' experience
• Immersive, guided experiences
• Wild swimming & woodland sauna
• Freedom to explore 173 acres
• Powered 100% by renewable energy

A weekend to slow down and reconnect, to deepen your knowledge of the natural world and how to live in conversation with it.

With immersive experiences of our nature restoration projects, exploring how we steward this land for all the lives on it. Designed to foster a sense of spaciousness, peace, and profound belonging to the earth.

Rewild Includes

Eat, forage, graze, harvest, and cook deeply medicinal foods that have been wild-tended and organically grown on the land you’re walking.

A head, heart and hands weekend exploring a way of growing and eating cultivates and restores the wellbeing of our planet Earth, and cultivates and restores the wellbeing within ourselves.

Renourish Includes

Self-care the wild way! A weekend wild spa retreat rooted in nature, dedicated to restoring mind and body.

Join us for thoughtful somatic movement, nourishing breathwork and yoga practices. With gentle, tailored treatments; wholesome, nourishing food; and the elemental restorative of wild swimming & woodfired sauna

Restore Includes

“42 Acres is a dream come true. Every tiny detail has been thought of, and the staff are so welcoming and warm. The stunning natural environment combined with the beautifully modernised interiors fills you with a sense of calm and child-like wonder. We could not recommend it enough!”

Alice and Emily, 2024

Wild Weekends - The Details

On arrival, we’ll welcome you to The Hermitage. This is our sacred space. Inside, you’ll find understated luxury and timeless simplicity - natural light, real fires, soft touches and far-reaching views down to the lake.

Our team tread lightly. Our intention is to be helpful but unintrusive - allowing you the spaciousness to feel at home.

We supply luxurious linens, fluffy towels and local, organic toiletries. Plus thoughtful touches to support your retreat experience - from yoga mats and swim towels to art supplies and meditation tracks birthed from this land.

Wild Weekends include all meals from our deeply nourishing "Soil-to-Gut" menu, freshly prepared by our Medicine Kitchen Team. Much of what you’ll eat has been organically homegrown and wild-foraged on this land.

Each also includes our signature ‘Food, Fire and Forest’ experience - an utterly magical, elemental evening of food cooked over fire, nestled in a clearing under the forest canopy.

Plus, each includes a schedule of immersive experiences birthed on this land and inspired by the divine wisdom of nature. We also give time and hold space to simply rest and restore.

The Price:
£350 per person double occupancy
£540 per person single occupancy
Inc meals & experiences

Please Note:

The above price is for a ‘Cosy Room.’ We offer a range of accommodation options from our most accessible ‘Loft Suite’ through to our ‘Sumptuous Rooms.’ Not forgetting the inimitable ‘Tiny Boat

We also offer 2 whole houses - 'Library Barn' & 'Monk’s Hatch' for small groups of friends to join the retreat together and have your own space to relax. Each is fully inclusive for up to 4 people.

“I had the most wonderful and transformative experience. The Hermitage is so comfortable, the land so beautiful and all the staff looked after us with great kindness, welcome and joy. Every meal was an utter treat. Go! I really recommend it.”

Annabelle, 2024

Wild Weekends - Friends in Residence


Our Restore Wild Weekend in partnership with Made For Life Organics includes a 60-minute tailored treatment crafted to softly guide you into parasympathetic perfection.

Made for Life Organics is a brand with heart. Organic, cruelty-free, and hand-blended in Cornwall from potent, organic herbs and flowers. They are the first British spa brand to become a Certified B Corporation®

All formulations are all free from parabens, formaldehyde, petroleum waxes, SLS and microbeads. All packaging is all sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable.


When I was growing up, my family had a small plot of land where we used to grow food using natural methods. My Mum was an excellent cook and I took inspiration from her playfulness with ingredients - she loved to invent new dishes. 

This is where I learned to love feeding people.  When I came into hospitality and saw where ingredients were coming from - fine beans from Kenya when you can grow them here - and how chemicals and pesticides are used to maximise profit, I lost heart for it and started looking for a place where there was more care for the ingredients than profit.

So here I am! Our “Soil to Gut” food philosophy means we put ingredients first. I love being on the land picking, smelling, tasting and connecting with the ingredients. Here, my dishes are created from the heart. The love I put into our food is like an expression of love for our guests


Nicole discovered aromatherapy as a therapeutic outlet through difficult periods of anxiety and low mood in her early 20s and from that Self Care Co. was born.

“I have always wanted to discover a natural way to make people feel calmer and spread awareness for mental health problems.”

With this in mind,  Self Care Co. hand craft small batches of candles to help naturally combat anxiety, stress and low mood, through the power of aromatherapy. Their natural vegetable wax candles are blended with a mix of essential oils, each one individually crafted to assist you in your personal self-care routine.

Nicole joins us as a friend in residence this weekend offering a Mindful Candlelit Candle-Making Experience on Friday evening. Learn about the power of essential oils and aromatherapy, and make a candle to take with you at the end of the weekend and continue your self care practice at home.

From time to time, we're honoured to have friends and experts in residence on our Wild Weekends.